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The British Isles - The United Kingdom - Great Britain, just some phrases that vaguely talk about the islands that comprise England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

There's lots of confusion about the taxonomy of some of the above phrases, but considering you're on a joke website, hopefully your ire and outrage can be successfully contained. Our funny British joke selection showcases the best in UK funnies, the British sense of humour, and probably some naff weather jokes thrown into the bargain.

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Noise Hippos Make When They Fart Underwater

At an international meeting, to surgeons were having an argument. The Indian surgeon was saying, "No no no, I am telling you it is Woomba"

The African surgeon is saying, "No Man, it is Whoooooommmmmm"

They go on like this for about 10 minutes. Up comes the English surgeon, and interrupts them.

"Excuse me ch...